Leading the evolution of outsourcing in the Marine Industry - Our client’s satisfaction and testimony tell our success story. We are proud to work with the very best in the industry. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority and we deliver to fulfil their need. We build partnerships with our clients through exceptional services and personalized solutions. Since our founding in 2003, we have provided the complete paraphernalia of services required by our clients globally.

From North America to the heartland of Europe, Middle East, Indian sub-continent and the Far East, we have delivered our services globally, qualitatively and on time.

All the companies in the list below have remained clients since our early days and they continue to trust us to maintain and upgrade their setups, providing support in their development and operations.
Following is a brief of our clientele:

Danaos Shipping is one of the fastest growing companies in the region and has a large modern fleet of vessels. In our capacity, we have supported the growth and demand by developing the PMS data for their vessels, remote maintenance of the PMS and provided onboard training.

Five Stars are one of the premier Ship Managers in India, managing a diversified fleet of The Great Eastern Shipping Company. We have developed their PMS and Supplies data, implemented their onboard systems as well as provided onboard training. As part of our continued commitment we manage their vessel PMS remotely as well as off-shore training of joining officers at our in-house facility.

Precious Shipping is now the largest publicly listed shipping company of Thailand. The acquisitions have continued and Precious Shipping fleet of 52 Vessels with a total capacity of 1,311,065 DWT, has made it the biggest ship-owning company in Thailand, not only in terms of number of vessels, but also in terms of capacity. We are currently providing them with PMS data services and will go on to provide them our onboard services for the entire fleet.

Tsakos Shipping has been provided an array of services in line with their requirements. We have conducted training onboard their tankers covering a suit of applications installed on the vessels. These were carried out throughout the US coast on various vessels. We have also created various Forms and Checklists to be integrated as part of their PMS application as per their existing documentation policy.

Our French Connection the largest French Line- CMA-CGM entrusted us with putting up their PMS data. We did that effortlessly by visiting their vessels for data collection and preparing their PMS. Subsequently, we also went onboard to implement the PMS and train their officers. Eventually, we will be covering their entire fleet.

ENESEL in Greece have engaged our services on an on-going basis. Till date we have successfully completed the data preparation for 9 vessels for the Planned Maintenance System. This was achieved effortlessly as ENESEL sent the data required to create the PMS in the format prescribed by us (templates). This allowed us to process the information qualitatively in order to deliver a fully functional PMS on time.

Teekay has implemented Danaos Management Consultants systems after customising the same to meet their unique requirements. Our Partner company-Danaos Management- entrusted us with writing the system manuals for Teekay. This was achieved by our in-house technical writing team to Teekay's satisfaction. Today Teekay is being supported out of our Mumbai support center - 24x7.

United Arab Shipping has implemented Danaos Management Consultants systems. The system has been customised in order to fulfil their requirement for a Scheduling System for their liner operations. Our partner company-Danaos Management-entrusted us with writing the technical manual for the Scheduling System. This was achieved successfully by our in-house technical writing team.

Our North American Client EXPEDO, are in the process of building several Product Tankers. The initial batch of 6 new buildings was given to us to build their PMS and Supply systems data (including spares catalogues), which we completed successfully even before the vessels were launched. This was possible due to impeccable coordination between EXPEDO, their yard and suppliers and our team. Eventually, EXPEDO entrusted us with the task of training their top officers who would be joining these new buildings. This was carried out at our in-house training facility.

Metrostar has a diversified fleet of Tankers and Bulk Carriers. We have provided PMS and Supply data preparation services as well as a Spare Parts catalogue for some of their vessels including new buildings and will do so for their entire fleet in the near future. We co-ordinated with the yard and the company in order to get all the manuals directly from the
yard to provide accurate data services for the new buildings.