Danaos Management Consultants (Greece) and Infobricks Technology Private Limited (India) have setup 'Danaos Software Services (India) Private Limited' (DSSIPL) in Mumbai, India. Danaos Software Services is an excellence center that handles marine application management for clients who wish to outsource the non-core functions of day-to-day management of Danaos Applications and Databases as well as other fleet wide applications available in the market today. These are done through remote management over secure private networks. Allied functions such as setting up of technical applications, implementation, training, development work related to customized requirements by clients and code debugging related issues for customized implementation and such other integrated functions are performed as well. This center works 24x7 to service clients from different regions and time zones.

Danaos Software Services allows shipping companies to focus on their core business - running and managing ships - while ensuring all supporting software systems are updated and accessible both in the office and onboard ships.

Danaos Management Consultants Ltd was founded in 1986 in Greece (EU) and has since evolved into the largest integrated ship management systems provider globally. Danaos's highly qualified personnel, through the extensive network of branches and agents can perform research and development and at the same time provide support services to its worldwide clients. Danaos Ship Management Systems provides total integrated solutions to shipping companies and their vessels. The advantages of integrated systems lie in the uniformity of user interface, consistency in global company data, no requirements for data transcription from one system to the next and the inherent reliability of such a process. Danaos Ship Management Systems have been evaluated by leading hardware manufacturers, auditors, and classification societies and meets stringent quality criteria. Danaos has over 450 unique shipping companies (Owners/Operators/Managers) as clients and provides a service to several thousand vessels owned / operated / managed by these clients.
Setup in 1996, Infobricks Technology is a software solutions company based in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. Besides providing customized IT solutions and services to the maritime industry, Infobricks is also the main distributor and solutions implementation partner of Danaos Ship Management Systems for Asia, Middle-East and African regions. Infobricks also provides post implementation training and support center for all clients in this region with state of art facilities which include 24x7 telephonic and remote management support and 'Next Business Day On-Site Support' wherever warranted and possible. Besides these, training & support is also available through facilities in Greece, Cyprus, UK, USA, and Singapore and most importantly their unique flying squad for on-board services and support.